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Prime Rib, Bone-In

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Prime Rib, Bone-In

A beautiful centerpiece to every holiday table, the standing rib roast is tender and juicy with generous marbling. 

This bone-in show stopping roast will delight your guests and make your holiday meal a success.

Recommended serving size: 8-12 ounces (1/2-3/4 pound) per person

Generous serving size: 16 ounces (1 pound) per person

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  • 100% Montana Angus Beef
  • Pasture Raised, Ranch Finished
  • Choice-Prime Grade
  • 14 Day Dry-Aged
  • Family Ranch Raised, Humanely Handled
  • Hand Cut, Individually Wrapped
  • Ships Frozen
  • USDA Inspected & Labeled

Cooking Method: BBQ/Grill, Roast, Low & Slow