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The Ranch Club


Feed Your Inner Carnivore with a curated Ranch Club Box full of assorted Felton Angus Beef cuts.

  • 1/2 Steaks and Premium Cuts
  • 1/2 Ground Beef and Roasts 

Each club box is customized just for you!

  • Choose your Ranch Club box size.
  • Choose how often you’d like your Ranch Club box delivered.
  • Create your account and tell us about you, your family, how you like to grill/cook, how many people you cook for and your favorite beef cuts.
  • Prior to each scheduled delivery, you’ll get an email reminder to make sure your are ready for another Ranch Club box (skip, cancel or change size at any time prior to shipment).
  • You can request certain cuts for special events or seasonal grilling/cooking in your Ranch Club box.
  • You can add-on additional cuts to any Ranch Club box.
  • No obligations! Hold, cancel or change anytime prior to shipment.
  • FREE Shipping is included with every Ranch Club box.

Each box is customizable to your preferences. Be sure to let us know in the comments what cuts you prefer. You can change your preferred cuts with each delivery.

Be a Hero at your dinner table with a custom beef box delivered right to your doorstep.