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January 20, 2021 1 min read

Felton Angus Ranch, the source for all the high quality beef sold from Felton Angus Beef, was featured on The American Rancher, on RFD TV, last night (January 18). Not only are the cattle and ranching practices at Felton Angus Ranch highlighted, but so is Felton Angus Beef. We even discuss our role in providing protein during the pandemic.

Felton Angus Ranch in Springdale, Montana

Excerpt from The American Rancher:

This year, probably for the first time ever in many lifetimes, you'd go into the grocery store and the shelves were empty. But the reality of that is the food chain is broken, not the farmer."

US farmers and ranchers across the country are producing safe, healthy food in abundance. So how do you find it? You go direct to the farm and the ranch.

We [Felton Angus Beef] stepped into that role and we shipped beef and we filled freezers when you couldn't find protein in the grocery store.

Tune into the Felton Angus Ranch YouTube channelto learn more about Felton Angus Ranch and Felton Angus Beef as told on The American Rancher!

A segment of The American Rancher on RFD TV included a segment featuring Felton Angus Beef.

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