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Regenerative Agriculture – healthy soil creates flavorful and nutrient dense food

June 23, 2020

Regenerative Agriculture – healthy soil creates flavorful and nutrient dense food

Why is our beef so good? We believe it’s the love and care we give to both our land and our animals. Good soil, rich grass and happy grazing cattle play huge parts in forming the flavors and nutrients in our beef.

Let’s talk quickly about good soil (i.e. regenerative agriculture).

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that focus on healthy, mineral-rich, biologically-diverse soils that grow healthy, mineral-rich food. Although it is somewhat of a buzz word right now, Felton Angus Ranch (where all your Felton Angus Beef comes from) has been diligently taking care of the land and soil for generations, growing healthy crops to feed our cattle and providing wide open pastures of rich grass for them to graze on.In short, the ranch encourages nature to do a lot of the work.

Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Felton Angus Ranch understands that the health of the soil and crops contributes to the health and livelihood of our animals. Sincewe grow the food our cattle eat, thishas a lot to do with how Felton Angus Beef tastes. Raised on lush green pasture, cattle receive hay and ranch-raised forage during tough Montana winters and are finished on a silage-based ration.

The health and livelihood of our cattle is our top priority. We employ low stress livestock handling practices and constantly strive for a safe and calm environment. Low stress handling not only benefits both the immune and rumen functions, but it increases conception rates as well. Our cattle do not receive added growth hormones and receive immediate and appropriate medical care when necessary.

We are stewards of this land and these animals and we take that very seriously.