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December 01, 2020 1 min read

This Asian beef dumplings recipe, created by @the_perksofbeingus, is featured in our Holiday Recipe Guide - get a free copy of the Holiday Recipe book HERE.

"Making dumplings on the weekend and throwing them into the freezer can give you a stress free dinner mid week, without take out! But wait, theres more! You might as well make a double batch and have both dumplings AND NAKED DUMPLINGS: AKA: MEATBALLS!"

These dumplings are a favorite at our house! They are so easy to make up, and freeze! We just get home, pop them into a pan, and in less than 30 minutes, we have a great meal, with just a salad on the side.

The recipe and photos below were contributed courtesy of @the_perksofbeingus 


Homemade beef dumplings

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