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5 Tips for Delicious Roasts in Every Recipe

February 11, 2021

A finished roast, using the 5 steps for a flavorful roast

Today we're going to share with you the 5 tips to making delicious roasts. Every tip will add flavor to your favorite recipes. From choosing high quality, USDA Choice Grade beefto deglazing the pan after searing, you'll find these easy steps will make a HUGE difference in the flavor of your roasts, and most likely change the way you make a roast from now on.

5 Tips To Delicious Roasts in Every Recipe by feltonangusbeef on Jumprope.

chuck roast from felton angus beef

1. Choose a high-quality, USDA Choice Grade beef roast. The secret is in the marbling. USDA Choice Grade roasts will guarantee flavor (more marbling = more flavor). Avoid leaner USDA Select Grade roasts, you’ll pay the price in lack of flavor. Take it to the next level with a well-marbled roast from your local farmer or rancher.

Choose a high-quality roast and season it.

2. Season. Season your roast with high-quality salt (we love Redmond Real Salt) and pepper. Take it to the next level with your favorite beef rub.

Sear the roast.
3. Sear. Sear your roast over medium-high heat in oil (we love avocado oil). Take it to the next level with a crusty, brown sear on all sides of your roast.

Melt butter in the pan to prep for a flavorful roast

Add bacon to the pan while preparing a flavorful roast

4. Add Butter, Add Bacon. Add butter to your oil while you sear. Take it to the next level by adding bacon to your searing pan.

Deglaze the pan and pour it over your roast.

5. Deglaze Pan. Don’t leave all the flavor stuck to the bottom of your searing pan. Remove your roast and add some liquid to the pan to release all the bits of flavor from the bottom. Add that deglazed liquid to your roast and infuse flavor into every recipe. Take it to the next level with deglazing liquid: water works but beef stock and your favorite red wine are even better choices.

Add these 5 easy tips to your beef roast prep. You can continue cooking in the sear pan /dutch oven, sear directly in your Instant pot or transfer roast and all those yummy deglazed bits of flavor to your slow cooker. 

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5 Steps to Delicious Roasts recipe

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A flavorful roast cooked using the 5 steps to a flavorful roast.